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When it comes to Marvel, especially in LEGO form, I get very giddy and usually jump at the chance to grab a set that I like the look of. The set I’ll be reviewing today, LEGO Iron Man Figure (76206), was one that never even crossed my radar, until I saw two friends (@boombrickz & @brickmcbricksworth) build and review it and I knew I had to have it too!

After seeing the official images of the figure when LEGO announced the set I thought it looked very odd and a tad out of proportion in places, but having since built it myself and taken photos for this review I have since changed my initial opinion, read ahead to find out what did it for me.

The Box & Contents:

LEGO keeps the designs of their boxes consistent throughout every theme and the Marvel sets are no exception, although relatively recently they have had an upgrade, mainly to suit the current phase of movies they’re going through. Sets now have ‘The Infinity Saga‘ logo on them and a picture of Thanos both front and back, although in LEGO form in the reverse.

Both sides have the Iron Man figure posing in various positions, the front sees him hovering whilst taking aim, and the back has him flying through the air. The art work is on point and looks incredible, especially with the added background effects.

Inside the box we have four numbered bags, an instruction manual and a sticker sheet. Being a relatively affordable set (£34.99) the small amount of bags make sense and in some ways quite refreshing, seeing which part of the build comes from which bag also makes sense, torso, couple of arms and legs and the head.

The instruction manual is pretty much the same and features the same art as the front of the box, but with more of the background visible.

A sticker sheet is included which includes 19 in total, most being duplicates or mirrored.

Stickers don’t really bother me personally anymore as in LEGO sets of this price you come to expect them, and applying them is so easy after all these years of building.

The Build:

Having the bags laid out and opening them one by one we get the sense that it shouldn’t take long to finish the set, as I mentioned above the bags four bags seem kind of empty-ish.

Bag one & two makeup the groin area, thighs, legs, and feet, this is where we get a great sense of scale just how big this Iron Man Figure will be. 

The amount of details on the legs alone is crazy for a set that has 381 pieces. The first of the stickers are applied here too and add just that little bit extra to make it Iron Man and the mechanical side of things.

Bag three focuses on the torso although it doesn’t get finished off until bag four, leaving a space for the LEGO light brick in the centre of his chest. Yet more stickers are added this time on the upper cheat plates and lower abdominal piece.

The final bag, four, adds the arms, shoulders, head/helmet, and the light brick.

Each arm is done the same, although mirrored, and both include stickers that go on the triangular shield elements, again representing details from the Iron Man suit. I don’t really know why there are only four fingers on each hand but to me it looks odd, adding the fifth, small, finger would have been better and made more sense.

Once you’ve popped all the limbs onto the body the final thing left to do it assemble the UCS (Ultimate Collector’s Series) style plaque that so many LEGO Star Wars sets have. It consists of carefully attaching the giant sticker to the sloped tile and placing a small ‘L’ shaped piece to the back in order for it to stand up correctly.

Mine is slightly off centre but that doesn’t bother me as I built this live on our Instagram account and usually do far worse when applying stickers!

So there you have it, the entire LEGO Iron Man Figure (76206) built and ready to display.

I did throughly enjoy the whole process and there are some cool techniques used in its construction, including the many SNOT (studs not on top) parts that make up pretty much the whole build.

The helmet is awesome and fully printed, thankfully with no blemishes. Each of the shoulder pads are the same element as used for the helmet, just not printed onto.

I particularly like the inclusion of the LEGO light brick although it’s not very bright, it does do a decent job of lighting up the Arc Reactor.

It’s so good to get a fully articulated brick-built figure especially in the form of Iron Man, I am definitely team Iron Man so this made perfect sense to get when I could. The size is very reminiscent of Action Man dolls and brought back so many childhood memories. I love it when LEGO invokes these feelings and emotions, it really adds to the whole experience, another cracking job LEGO!

The Conclusion:

Overall the set is both enjoyable to build and to display, it’s a Marvel fans dream come true to finally have a brick-built posable action figure!

At no point was the build hard or tedious so even the youngest of fans can get stuck in, even though the box states 9+ I’d say 6+ is more like it, as Brick Post Jr (my Son) showed all lot of interest afterwards and even had a go himself after dismantling one of Iron Man’s arms.

The articulation is incredible and allows you pose him in many different positions, including a few action shots. Check out our small gallery below.

Icluding the UCS style plaque is a very nice touch and one LEGO should do more often.

I highly recommend this set to any and all Marvel fans it truly is a display piece and one that’ll fit right in next to the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet (76191)!

Alternate Build:

Checkout our friend Martin (@boombrickz) and his video review of both this set and the alternative build, Iron Man Bust BY Ransom_Fern!

Thank you for stopping by and reading (or listening to) our review, we really appreciate your time. Please feel free to bookmark the website as we also share the latest LEGO news.

Until next time, keep on Bricking!



LEGO Iron Man Figure (76206)



The Box 8.8
The Build 9.4
The Cost (£34.99) 8.8
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