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When it comes to LEGO and the many colours they produce it can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when differentiating between slightly different shades. Luckily for us LEGO fans we have a solution, the brand new 3.0 version of the Periodic Table of the LEGO Colors!

This new & updated version features 15% more colours and and parts coverage, including a unique serial number, more data and an easier to understand layout. The update comes after a two year gap from version 2.0, it’s a welcomed update that is similar to the Pantone colour chart for designers but slightly geekier by featuring the most popular LEGO colours in 2023.

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We would like to thank the team over at (We Love What You Build) for sending us a review copy and providing us with a discount code to share with our readers. To grab yourself this amazingly handy product simply head over to their website, use THEBRICKPOST to get 10% off this and any other products they have for sale. We will make a small commission which goes towards website maintenance and genuinely helps us out. Thank you!

Continue reading to see more images and to find out what we think of the product, how it will come in handy and how good I looks on display.

The package you get to your door, after removing it from the outer packaging, is thin and tidy and presented it a contemporary way with the companies own brown tape. I personally love this and shows that they already go that extra mile to brand themselves as a premium business and brand.

Carefully slicing the tape and opening the box you get your first glimpse of your Periodic Table Of LEGO Colors. As the excitement builds your slowing peel back the bubble wrap and boom, you’re hit with the many bright and colourful pieces on display.

Holding the 30cm by 40cm product in your hand and finally getting a closer look at it is extremely satisfying, when unboxing ours I couldn’t stop smiling. The quality of the board, the data presented and of course the many new and genuine LEGO elements used in the making of it is outstanding. This may sound over the top but it’s genuinely how I feel about it and in no way swayed by it being a review copy, I would purchase this in a heartbeat.

Although not every single colour or element is represented, the board covers a huge array of official colours and matching data that will help even the most die-hard fans of LEGO. Including data specific to that part and colour is extremely helpful and one I will continue to use day in and day out. Being a (small) MOC builder myself I often struggle naming colours correctly, so having the names for both LEGO and Bricklink, I can finally find what I’m looking for and more importantly refer to them properly without causing myself embarrassment around other fans.

Information for each colour is neatly contained within the elements small but efficient space, with details such as No. of sets featuring that colour, Bricklink name & ID, official LEGO name & ID, years in production and more.

It may seem a little confusing at first but once you get to know where each bit of information is held you’ll soon be a whizz at reeling off colours and numbers left, right & centre.

Youll notice that each one is numbered, we received #890 out of 1000. This doesn’t need they’re limited, think of it as an edition number, or batch as WLWYB calls it. Other batches will be produced after this one so don’t worry about missing out.

We Love What You Build offer so much more than just this awesome Periodic Table of the LEGO Colors. In fact they sent us some very cool stickers too, which feature some great looking designs, funky colours and witty slogans. A random mix of different WLWYB logo stickers, smart fact stickers, sarcasm stickers and other badass designs. Each set comprises of 28 stickers.

These are sold separately and are also covered by our discount code, theor whole product range is, so please feel free to use it for whayever you fancied. We appreciate every use and it let’s us know you’ve read this review and enjoyed it.

Overall the Periodic Table of the LEGO Colors is stunning, straight outta’ the box. From placing your order, receiving it and unboxing it for yourself, the whole experience is a good one. The common phrase ‘you get what you pay for‘ comes to mind, you buy premium – you get premium.

To get your hands on your very own please head over to, browse their extensive range and see what else takes your fancy. Once ready to order pop THEBRICKPOST into the appropriate box during checkout and a cheeky 10% discount will be applied. Get in!

Thank you.

Enter THEBRICKPOST during checkout here for 10% off your order!

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