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This reveal comes from an Italian retailer named Terminal Video Italian, revealing three new LEGO City Wildlife sub-theme sets.

Are are numerous new and exciting things found within these new sets but the most notable are the Animals, which includes a Lion, Elephants, Monkies, and a new printed Snake.

With the popularity of LEGO Animals these sets will no doubt sell fast and be sought-after by the intended audience and us AFOLs! 

Pop below to take a look at teach set, then head to the comments and let us know which one(s) you’ll pick up.

City Wildlife – Animal Rescue ATV 60300

City Wildlife – Animal Rescue Off-Road Vehicle 60301

City Wildlife – Animal Rescue Operation 60302

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  1. The animals are very cool, especially the croc and the monkeys. Also the amount of bananas is nice 🙂 The vehicles are a bit disappointing in my opinion, but depending on the price, and the fact that Lego City tend to drop in price quite quickly I might be buying one of the sets!

    1. Totally agree, out of all the recent reveals LEGO City is definitely top in my book, if only for the Animals 😂

      The vehicles are a let down somewhat, and that beige Helicopter is ugly 😅

      One for the sales 👍🏻

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