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We have our very first glimpse at several new LEGO sets that are based on the upcoming DC movie The Batman!

The four sets Revealed will pull from the new Batman reboot which stars Robert Pattinson, and include various characters, scenes and vehicles from that take on the DC universe, such as the new iteration of Batmobile.

One out of the four sets will be LEGO Technic and be a larger scale Batmobile, that looks oddly similar to a car found in the Mad Max movies.

The Minifigures on offer are ones we’ve seen before but with a much more ‘gritty‘ and ‘real life‘ look to them. Some of the characters included are the Riddler, Penguin, and Selina Kyle.

This new wave of LEGO Batman launches next year, 1st January 2022, unless you live in North America then you can expect to see them 1st November 2021 and can be pre-ordered now!

LEGO Batcave: The Riddler Face-Off (76183)

LEGO Batmobile: The Penguin Chase (76181)

LEGO Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit (76179)

LEGO Technic The Batman (42127)

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