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At the weekend me and my family attended the first ever LEGO Pop & Play Tour and I must say it was a fun little event. Full of activities, building experiences, and even a LEGO VIDIYO photo opportunity.

As always I took a few photos and put together an Instagram Reel of the whole thing, which you can find here.

LEGO Pop & Play Tour 2021 – Southampton

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, I found LEGO Super Mario Coins!

After the event we needed to pop to the local LEGO Store (Southampton), which happened to be just around the corner inside the Mall. My Son was eager to get his free LEGO gift for completing the activities and gaining four rosetts.

Upon entering the store I could see a small gathering around a store staff member, he was showcasing the new LEGO Super Mario Luigi Starter Course (71387), which me and my Son picked up the week before.

That’s when I saw them, the very rare and sought-after LEGO Super Mario Coins! 

LEGO Super Mario Coins

Once the area cleared somewhat I headed over to the staff member and started chatting, we both recognised each other as we usually have a short but good natter whenever I pop in.

After completing a successful run of the new LEGO Luigi Starter Course set he gave myself and my Son a Coin each and said that these we suppose to go out the week before to coincide with the LEGO Luigi launch but didn’t arrive in time, which made me even more lucky to get my hands on them.

If I’m right in saying that these Coins have been spotted before, the Gold Coin was a GWP in Hong Kong, whilst the Silver Coin was dished out in South Korea, both last Year for the launch of LEGO Mario.

Gold & Silver Coins

Since then they have demanded quite a high resale value on the after-market and have been sold for upto $400 per set. Since the release of these Coins here in the UK and in other Countries the value has dropped considerably to around £30-£50, which is still a decent amount.

But who in their right mind would want to part with them? I sure won’t as they not only add to the LEGO Super Mario collection but look cool on display too. I now need to source two empty LEGO Coin cases to house them in.

Same size as the previous lot of LEGO Coins

They’re made of a cheap metallic metal and have a decent weight to them, the Gold and Silver coating doesn’t feel as smooth as the pictured LEGO VIP Coin above which has a better finishing in it.

But that’s not to say they aren’t a nice thing to have and I shall cherish these for many Years to come. LEGO have always known how to entice their customers with free gifts, GWP, and VIP points, it’s what they do best, and long may it continue!

We have been getting reports of other LEGO Stores having them and how to get the Coins, as you can see it varies from store to store. Thanks to Brickfinder for the information.

United Kingdom

  • August 4th at Leicester Square and Southampton stores. Watch a live demonstration of the new LEGO Luigi Starter Course (71387) set.
  • August 6th, the Edinburgh store gave them away to people who took photos of 5 Mario figures hidden around the store.

North America

  • A store in Canada gave them out with any purchase made (August 1).
  • A New Jersey store had children interact with a themed scanner device. The device would display a result of “gold” or “silver” coin, and the child would receive that coin. A small scavenger hunt had to be attempted beforehand (August 8).
    An Ohio store has the scanner, but no scavenger hunt (August 7).
  • A different Ohio store has the scavenger hunt, but no scanner (August 9).
  • A store in Utah gave them out only to people who purchased Adventures with Luigi Starter Course (August 6 ).


  • Purchases of Mario Lego sets at Zing stores

On the reverse

In their packets

Same size

Mario & Luigi

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  1. They dont fit in the vip coin cases as i have tried, the raised print on mario is to big

    1. Thank you so much for confirming this, I won’t need to source cases now 😅

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