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Thanks to PromoBricks, we have a few rumoured details surrounding the next big LEGO Modular coming January 2022!

There have been a few rumours recently floating around of what the next Modular building might be and they all point to a Hotel, which will feature an Art Gallery.

10182 Café Corner

The building is speculated to have three floors with an Art Gallery located on the ground floor. There is also six Minifigures rumoured to appear, that will hopefully include a female and a male bellhop, a coffee seller, an older couple (guests), and a dapper looking male.

The retail price is likely to be around the €199.99 mark and similar to that of LEGO Assembly Square.

If that’s not enough there is also meant to be a GWP (gift with purchase) tied to the set, which is most likely going to be similar the the micro-scale modular set from 2012.

Please comment below with your thoughts regarding the rumoured details and whether you’d like a Hotel to be the next modular or something else.

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  1. Really curious to see 1) when the set will be announced and 2) if VIPs will get a chance to pre-order this year.

    1. Oh that would be nice, VIP early access! Sefinitely picking it up either way.

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