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After our first look at the new LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2020, we now have images and details for the LEGO City one!

Introducing LEGO City Advent Calendar 2020 (60268). The price in this is estimated at £19.99 (RRP converted from Euros).

Consists of 342 pieces and six minifigures.

Official details:

The LEGO 60268 City Advent Calendar is bursting with Christmas surprises and increases the anticipation for Christmas for all boys, girls and fans of the TV series “LEGO City Adventures”.

In addition to Christmas models and a play mat with a snow-covered city on which you can build your own Christmas backdrop, children also get six heroes from the TV series “LEGO City Adventures”. Minifigures include Duke DeTain, Harl Hubbs, Freya McCloud, Rooky Partnur, Daisy Kaboom and Chief Wheeler in the Santa Claus costume!

This LEGO City Advent Calendar is a great gift for children ages 5 and up. Each model comes with simple building instructions so that even inexperienced LEGO builders can enjoy a gripping and independent building and playing experience.

LEGO City Advent calendars offer children who like to be creative, lots of inspiration, anticipation for Christmas and wonderful surprises. The models, minifigures and accessories included in the calendar can also be combined with existing LEGO play sets to open up even more play options.

The LEGO 60268 City Advent Calendar introduces children to the fascinating LEGO City game world and the TV series “LEGO City Adventures”. The set allows children from 5 years to play imaginatively throughout the Christmas season.

The calendar contains 24 gifts, including a Christmas tree and Santa’s sleigh as mini-models, six heroes from the TV series “LEGO City Adventures” as minifigures, for example the Chief Wheeler dressed as Santa, and a city play mat cleared streets.

This LEGO City Advent Calendar contains Christmas models, heroes from the TV series “LEGO City Adventures” as minifigures and a snow-covered city play mat on which children can build backdrops for their own Christmas stories.

Looking for a cool gift for a child from 5 years old? This advent calendar is perfect for all fans of the TV series “LEGO City Adventures” and for children who like to get creative while playing. Only very basic building skills are required.
The LEGO City Advent Calendar is 7 cm high, 38 cm long and 26 cm wide.

Batteries are not required! The blooming imagination of small children is enough to drive the LEGO building toys and figures contained in this Advent calendar. So nothing stands in the way of Christmas fun.

This LEGO City Advent calendar includes simple building instructions so that even inexperienced LEGO builders can enjoy a gripping and independent building and gaming experience.

The LEGO City Advent Calendar contains colorful models and funny characters that inspire imaginative role-playing games and promote children’s physical and mental development.

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  1. Are the characters in City Lego advent calander 60268 from a lego animation? We (my 7yr old and I) are wondering who “Cheif Wheeler” is and what the story is thats being played out on the box. Any insights there?

    1. The characters are featured in the LEGO City TV Series. Duke DeTain, Chief Wheeler and Daisy Kaboom are also in a few LEGO sets too 🤗

  2. Are the instructions together with some of the pieces but not others? We just opened one door and got some pieces with no indication of how these are to be constructed? Is it one set of pieces that is meant to go with another which will have the instructions? Seems odd? There is zero guidance on or in the box as far as we can see.

    1. From past experience there are very basic instructions on the reverse of each door. I have found a video in YouTube of someone building each one, maybe this will help for some of them:–70KDon_w

    2. I was the exact same! Until I found this page and Greg’s advice below. yessss they are behind the window 😊 My son pushed the window in to grab the lego bag and as we are newbies we were looking everywhere but there to find the instructions… I even emailed Lego ahah! Thank you for your review and advice, day 2 assembly will be much easier 😅

  3. My son just accidentally opened the whole box and bags of legos went everywhere. Is there somewhere I can find out the order of what legos go in each space? I need to get this fixed

    1. Hi, email sent earlier, hope you get this sorted 🙂

  4. We just opened day 3 and not quite sure what it’s supposed to be. The “window” directions aren’t clear as we have extra pieces it seems like. Help

    1. Hi Liza, email sent just now, how it helps 🤗

  5. Where can we find instructions for assembly

    1. Hi, instructions for each window can be found on the reverse side of the that particular door. They’re are a bit rudimentary but they work. If no then you can enjoy watching each day’s build via youtube:–70KDon_w

  6. We cannot get the Christmas tree for day 8 to connect correctly. The tree branches do not fit properly onto the lego tree stand. I watched the YouTube video and in the video that branches fit so easily but not for us.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Sadly I don’t have this particular advent calendar to hand. The instructions on the doors reverse should tell you.

  7. We’re having the same the problem with the tree. I just watched the video and everything looks good until it’s time to attach greenery.

    1. It maybe a case of having to line up the connecting studs exactly.

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