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As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, especially here in the UK, we start to get that early Christmas feeling, so we thought why not showcase some of the new Seasonal LEGO sets that have dropped today, 1st October!

First up is the wonderful LEGO Winter Village Collection Santa’s Visit (10293), which is now available for everyone and not just VIPs (VIP Early Access). The set comes in at a reasonable £79.99 ($99.99).

LEGO Winter Village Santa’s Visit 10293

This next set will be extremely popular and most likely go on ‘back order’ fairly quickly, LEGO Santa’s Sleigh (40499). The set somes with a brick-built Sleigh, Santa Minifigure, and four Reindeers. It retails for £34.99 ($36.99) which is great and more affordable to most.

LEGO Santa’s Sleigh 40499

Something to pop on the tree now in the form of LEGO Christmas Ornaments. In the pack of two there is a Polar Bear wearing a scarf, and a small wrapped present. These come in at £8.99 ($9.99).

LEGO Polar Bear and Gift Pack

The last set of the new Seasonal sets is a brick-built LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498). Is comes with 244 pieces and retails for £13.49 ($14.99).

LEGO Christmas Penguin (40498) 

I’d like to mention a set from last year that was, and still is, extremely popular and sold out multiple times on the lead upto Christmas 2020, it is of course the LEGO Wreath 2in1 (40426)!

LEGO Wreath 2in1 40426

Please let us know your thoughts on these new additions and favourites to the LEGO Seasonal collection via the comments below.

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