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LeLightGo are an LED light kit company that produce a wide range of products that not only light up your LEGO sets but take them to the next level!

Here at The Brick Post we install their lights kits on a monthly basis to show you just how straightforward and simple it is to install and display sets that have been given the LeLightGo touch.

The company itself have exceptional customer service and the feedback they receive is positive from fans all over the globe.

They are also very quick at releasing new kits and have already started selling and shipping lights for the LEGO Nano Gauntlet (76223)!

Also hot off the press is the light kit for the LEGO Tallneck (76989), which I have personally been waiting for. The light kit does a great job at illuminating the key features of the set and looks awesome doing it.

Don’t forget to use our 20% off code thebrickpost20, it not only gets you money off but it also helps support us here at The Brick Post by gaining a small commission, clicking the links in this article will also help, thank you!

Feast your eyes on these other LeLightGo kits, they do an incredible job and the sets look amazing lit up.

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