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It’s MOC Monday and today’s feature takes us back to a certain Robotic Cop from the 80s, that’s Right, Robocop!

Credit goes to Instagram user GrantMasters.

He’s recreated the Security Enforcement droid from 1988s Rococop.

ED-209 was one of my favourites from that film and franscise, the way he burst out onscreen, malfunctioned and, well you know the rest 😉

GrantMasters take on the droid is awesome, from his black visor to the form of his arms & legs, it takes me right back to that scene!

Extra points go to it being Minifigure scale.

I’m planning on sourcing the parts needed to build this and add it to my collection as GrantMasters has very kindly posted the parts used to construct his ED-209.

Instagram: GrantMasters

ED-209 post: ED-209

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