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Every year LEGO produce a GWP (gift with purchase) set that encapsulates the Chinese New Year animal in brick form, previous sets have been great seeing Sheep, Rat, Roaster, Monkey, and so many more being added to the growing lineup.

This time it’s the Year of the Rabbit and LEGO haven’t disappointed, with a set that not only looks great but sits perfectly alongside the others.

I managed to bag this GWP set in-store recently whilst grabbing a few more of my January wishlist. The promotion ends 25th January, so if you haven’t got one yet and would like one you know what to do.

Here is my short but sweet review of this years Chinese New Year outing.

The Box & Contents:

Not ever having the pleasure of opening one of these GWP sets I was pleasantly surprised to find an Angpao pouch inside, usually a red paper/card wallet filled with money and gifted to family members during Chinese New Year, on the front we see the brick-built Rabbit and on the reverse is an embossed gold version of it.

Unlike other LEGO sets the bags inside are unnumbered, this is because the set is a tad on the small side and doesn’t warrant numbered bags, this is fine with me as the 3 bags don’t make to much of mess once tipped out onto the table.

Also inside is the instruction manual, again there isn’t much to it but it’s there and is needed. It uses the ‘no-frills‘ design that we see more and more nowadays, which as I’ve said many times I’m OK with.

The Build:

Starting off with the lower half of the Rabbit, building up the legs, body area and tail. The use of SNOT (studs not on top) elements to allow for slopes to smooth & finish off these areas is great as I personally can’t stand bare studs on a build like this.

Curved quarter tiles and reversed slope pieces are used to round off and create different angles that catch the eye. These are most prominent around the legs to define muscle shape and to tell you the Rabbit is sitting.

Building the head is a similar process, SNOT bricks inside finished off with black & white tiles. It attaches to the body by a small turntable piece, which allows it to rotate freely and pose.

The cute Rabbit sits on a small base made up of 2 half circle plates, a selection of foliage, and finished off with Gold tiles. Again there isn’t too much to this build but it does make the whole look good and it’s nice to have a wat to display the Rabbit.

Overall the set doesn’t offer anything new, unfortunately, but as we’ve come to expect these LEGO Chinese New Year sets are more than that and if you’ve collected the previous ones are a must have, the display potential is amazing.

The parts on offer are good but won’t grab the fancy of fans that part out for MOCs (my own creation). With a handful of black & white slopes and tiles there isn’t much else.

If you’d like one of these yourself please visit or your nearest LEGO store, the spend requirement of £80 ($85/€85) isn’t too bad.

Thank you for reading our review, please head down to the comments section to ask questions, we’re happy to help with any queries.



LEGO Year of the Rabbit (40575) GWP



The Box & Contents 8.5
The Build 7
The Cost (GWP £80) 7.5
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