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We’re back with a brand new LEGO Magazine review, it has certainly been awhile since the last one!

The latest issue (89) of the popular LEGO Star Wars Magazine is out and comes complete with a Princess Leia Minifigure, which is a very nice addition indeed as I have yet to add the character to my personal collection.

Inside the magazine you’ll find the usual, a couple of comic book stories, activities, and a ton of games and puzzles. These are all great fun for all the family, I’ve been known to complete a maze or two whilst my Son wasn’t looking.

The boardgame style activities are the best, usually asking you to grab a couple of Minifigures as pieces and a dice. Again fun for the whole family, or for keeping the youngsters quiet for half an hour.

As well as puzzles galore there are two comic strip stories, the first one focuses on Princess Leia herself as she comes to rescue Hand Solo and the gang.

The characters included in the stories are Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and our two favourite droids C3-PO & R2-D2. I’ve always liked the fact that the freebies on in the front of the magazines are incorporated into the stories found within, allows younger fans to relate the vehicle or character to a story.

In every issue, no matter what theme it is, you’ll find a poster or two, in this latest outing the double-sided poster is a spectacular one. In one side you have the Star Wars logo filled with all your favourite characters, on the other you have an image of a Mandalorian in a very cool action pose.

I personally keep the posters safe in a folder ready to hang when I finally get a LEGO room big enough to hang them. Do you keep them? Let me know in the comments below.

Included in this issue is a Minifigure, but not just any Minifigure, we finally get Princess Leia!

This isn’t an exclusive Minifigure but it is somewhat sought-after, only being in two other sets, 2021 X-Wing and 2019 Tantive IV. As always these Magazines allow you to grab rare Minifigures at a more affordable price, which I’m all for, get on the next character.

She comes with two facial expressions, one with a small smirk the other is a more angry one. The hair piece is great too complete with her signature ‘buns’. Her torso and skirt combo match well and finish the character off nicely. There is also a blaster included which is a nice touch.

Most of these LEGO Magazines are worth picking up especially if they come with a rare Minifigure. Watch this space for all the latest LEGO news and reviews. Thank you for reading this short review, we really appreciate your time and help, please feel free to bookmark us and why not give us a follow on our social media pages.

If you fancy a sneak peek at the next issues freebie Minifigure take a look below, it’s another fantastic character and one we don’t really to often.


LEGO Star Wars Magazine Issue 89



The Magazine 8.2
The Minifigure 9.2
The Cost (£4.25) 9.5
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