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A couple of LEGO Star Wars Busts have been spotted online and they look very interesting.

Following in the same vein as 2019’s Darth Vader (75227) from Chicago Star Wars Celebration exclusive and SDCC Sith Trooper (77901) Busts.

The two new reveals are of Boba Fett (75277) and a Stormtrooper (75276) .

LEGO Star Wars Busts

They are brick built and seem to have some interesting building techniques. They come complete with their own personal stand.

Boba Fett consists of 625 pieces while the Stormtrooper consists of 647 pieces.

Boba Fett Bust

Stormtrooper Bust

Slated for an April 2020 release.

What are your thoughts on these Busts and will you be collecting them? Let us know in the comments below!

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