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The LEGO Ideas platform is a great way to showcase your talents and get your ideas out there for the World to see. Here at The Brick Post we like to hand-pick the ones that standout to us, especially ideas that we’re interested in and had past experiences with, such as this week’s feature by Reepicheep90077.

As a family, finding new books and movies to dive into is great fun, we’ve just finished the trilogy of Narnia movies, so this week’s feature is very apt indeed, introducing Welcome To Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe – 75th Anniversary Set!

This LEGO IDEAS submission wasn’t originally designed for the purpose of submitting to LEGO IDEAS, but rather as a gift for my kids. – Reepicheep90077

As mentioned above, some product ideas start off as side projects, here the idea by Reepicheep90077 was made for their Kids after reading the Books by C. S. lewis. Such a great way to merge two hobbies, reading and LEGO, as always adding LEGO to anything just makes it a whole lot better!

This set not only looks beautiful but it also brings a plethora of playability and display-ability with it. Covering such a wide array of areas and ages this idea is truly for every LEGO fan, young and old. Whilst Kids can play with the characters and recreate scenes, us AFOLs (Adult fans of LEGO) can admire it on display.

The Wardrobe itself is a thing of beauty and with the different textures looks realistic and authentic, you could almost open the doors an wander through to Narnia. I particularly love the way you can position Narnia directly behind the Wardrobe and display it that way, opening up the whole set to yet more ways to enjoy it.

Add the 7 Minifigures, and of course Aslan, into the mix and you have a wonderful set. Peter, Edmund, Suzanne, and Lucy look great in their Narnia attire. Having the three older Children in their Kings and Queen outfits is awesome and a very welcomed idea, being a LEGO Castle fan this makes me very happy indeed.

The addition of Aslan, the Lion figure, is the icing on the cake, it would t be Narnia without him. Standing side-by-side with Lucy makes total sense and most certainly the way I’d display if/when LEGO make this idea!

Another nice addition and side-build is the Ice Queen’s sleigh, and boy does it look awesome, with its almost steampunk like aesthetics. Complete with Dwarf and Ice Queen, you couldn’t ask for more, oh and two Reindeer to pull it of course.

When it comes to LEGO trees, I personally have a big problem building them, they never look natural. Reepicheep90077 on the other hand has a real talent for trees, just look at them below, the curves, angles, leaves, and snow all look great, I’m jealous.

The set overall is gorgeous and one I’d purchase day one if given the chance. Come on LEGO, this needs to be produced!

We would like to wish Reepicheep90077 the best of luck in promoting and gaining the required 10k supporters needed to get this product idea to the next stage.

Please, if you like the idea, support it using the official link below.

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  1. I’m honored that you featured my project and with such an incredibly detailed review. As a fellow Castle fan, I think it would be absolutely awesome if LEGO chooses to open up the Narnia world – so many unique set and minifigure opportunities in this theme!

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