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Whilst looking through the LEGO Ideas website I see a lot of great product ideas which makes it incredibly hard to choose one to feature here at The Brick Post.

The Ideas that grab my attention are vary quite a bit and I never follow a set criteria, it’s whatever stands out to me at the time of perusing, expecting the unexpected is what excites me the most!

So without further a-do this week’s feature is brought to you by someone we’ve not had the honour of featuring before, SJs Workshop, and his brilliant portrayal of the hit British TV game show Taskmaster.

If you’ve never heard of the show it’s essentially a group of celebrities, usually comedians, that need to complete tasks in a certain time and way in order to win back their forfeited possessions. The Taskmaster Himself, Greg Davies, and his assistant, Alex Horne, both set the challenges and ultimately decide who gets the points and wins. It’s personally one of my favourite game shows currently on TV and usually has me in stitches, its so funny!

The product idea features the main house used for a majority of the tasks in the show and I must say looks incredibly like its on screen counterpart, with the rooms inside matching perfectly.

The buildings architecture reminds me of an on fashioned School with its black slated roof, whiten trim around the windows and door, and the hint of red here and there.

The Taskmaster House is now in full lego form! Featuring the lab, kitchen, lounge, hallway, phone box and caravan you can recreate some of your favourite tasks from this hit TV show with minifigures.

Inside the house are several rooms, the detail in each are fantastic and really set the bar high in terms of what other LEGO Modulars could look like. The hallway particularly looks cool and has a number of Easter eggs situated throughout, the black and white chequered floor isn’t too bad either.

There are letters, or scrolls, located throughout the house too, this is how the tasks are presented and read by the partaking celebrity. This is a cool reference to the show and one I really like!

The interior looks amazing too and puts most official LEGO Modulars to shame. The kitchen area is the perfect Minifigure size with its white surfaces, sink, washing machine and even a freshly basked pie.

The white room in which most of the tasks are performed looks good and makes your imagination go wild with what tasks you can make your Minifigures do, making it a good opportunity for photos and videos for social media etc. Comes complete with a smashed Melon on the floor, an easter egg from a past episode.

Head out into the garden area and you’ll find my favourite part of the whole idea, the quaint caravan that sits proudly in the corner, Alex Horne usually resides in it and often bursts out and surprises the contestant with the next task.

I’d love this to be kept in of/when LEGO Ideas make this into a product as its so well designed it works extremely well. From the classic shape to the traditional colours it’s a proper British holiday caravan!

Inside we can see many of the facilities still intact, the table, pull-out sofa bed, small kitchenette area and more, it’s so well done I can’t believe LEGO haven’t produced something like this before.

Complete with a white picket fence, flowers, stone path, and mail box, it’s a perfect side build to an overall cracking set idea!

Moving onto the Minifigures, two in total, SJs Workshop has included the Taskmaster himself Greg Davies and his assistant Alex Horne.

Both Minifigures look just like their on screen counterparts do to a tee, and a pair I’d like to have in my collection, and not just because we share the same first name, Greg.

There’s a very good reason why the Minifigures are different heights, Greg Davies is insanely tall, standing 6’8″ tall, hence the difference in leg parts used for both Minifigures.

Overall SJs Workshop has done a fabulous job in recreating the Taskmaster House and TV game show as a whole, from the house and the interior to the caravan and the many episode references.

We would like to wish them the greatest of luck in promoting this product idea and gaining the 10k supporters needed to see it through to the review stage.

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