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The Internet is buzzing with more rumours surrounding the upcoming LEGO Ideas Home Alone McCallister’s House (21330) set, and rightly so, there are some tasty tidbits!

Thanks to Brick_Clicker (YouTube & Instagram) we have more rumoured details in the form of a set number, 21330, release date of November, and a price point of $250.

It will also include five Minifigures, which of course will be the three main characters, Kevin McCallister, and the Wet Bandits Harry & Marv. Unfortunately we don’t know the other two Minifigures but we’d love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below, on who to include.

The main house build will be quite substantial and include most of the pranks and details we see in the movie. We’re hoping for a full house and not just a facade, and being $250 we hope this is the case!

Information has been trickling in for both this set and the LEGO Black Stratocast (21329), and somewhere along the line we thought the release dates and price points were switched.

The LEGO Black Stratocast (21329) is due September time and available to VIPs first and should be around the $100 mark.

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