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With the Holiday season just around the corner, we usually start our Winter displays now, if not sooner. This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature is brought to us by Mitta and their lovely Winter Village House/Pub submission!

Following on from LEGO and their recent tradition of Winter themed buildings Mitta has designed this quaint Village House/Pub to happily sit in your display.

There are a lot of details both outside & inside, from the Antlers above the door and snow piled under each window to the warm glow of the fireplace and the Christmas stockings above it.

The back of the building is open which makes is easy to play with for children.


I am really into LEGO Modulars and Minifigure scale buildings so this is perfect, it would slot right into a Winter scene with ease and look great amongst the other official LEGO Winter Village additions; Gingerbread House, Elf Club House, and Winter Village Fire Station.

The interior is stunning and Mitta has included a lot of details and contents.

The main area is the bar which has two bar-side chairs and a table and chairs near the end wall. Mitta has constructed the bar amazingly well, it looks simple yet elegant. The use of the glass rack and the pumps works so well!

Head into the adjacent room and you’ll find an even cosier area of the pub, with a fireplace, sofa, and another table & chairs. This is where you’ll find the stockings hanging above the fireplace. 

Above that room is where presumably the bar-keeper resides, or it could be a B&B?

The bed looks good and is well designed, being five studs wide it’s perfect for a Minifigure. I particularly like the duvet, which is a red & white quilt pattern. 

Unfortunately there aren’t any Minifigures included, perhaps an update will show us who lives, works, or frequents the Pub?

It would be great to see a bar-keeper dressed in the appropriate traditional attire, with a few locals at the bar. It would definitely finish off an already great idea!


We would like to wish Mitta the best of luck with the Idea and we hope it’ll reach the 10k goal!

Please head over to LEGO Ideas and support this submission:

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