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When searching the LEGO Ideas website I stumbled upon something that harks back to my childhood, something I had completely forgotten about until I saw it sat there starring me in the face, Where’s Wally!

The product idea by Iyan Ha, looks visually pleasing with a lot going on, I mean that’s the point of Where’s Wally?, you need to find him hidden in a larger scene, along with other characters and objects.

The fact that Iyan Ha has recreated such an iconic character and book series out of LEGO bricks & pieces is amazing, to keep the theme and playability is done in such a genius way. Allowing for endless possibilities and hours of fun for everyone, by rearranging the boards, or ‘books’, into other configurations, adding LEGO into the mix you could even rebuild entire Worlds and hide Wally in them!

The inclusion of two Minifigures, Wally & Odlaw, makes it extra appealing to me personally as being a collector and a life-long fan of the books and even the TV show. Lining the books up in between them is a nice touch and looks stunning, hoping these would be prints if/when this makes it to production.

LEGO should certainly take notice of this idea and produce it, if only as a one off, the fanbase is global and everyome has heard of Where’s Wally?, right?!

We wish Iyan Ha the best of luck with this awesome product idea, gaining the requiremed 10,000 supporters isn’t easy. So please use the official links below to cast your vote, we have!

Official Ideas page:


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