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You may have come across a pattern to our LEGO Ideas Features in the sense that we love a good building, especially one so sweet and quaint as this week’s project, The Village Dairy, brought to you once again by the amazing LepraLEGO, who we’ve featured before here at The Brick Post!

You may remember the other ideas in LepraLEGO’s portfolio, most notably Magical Village Over The Bridge, The Meeting Points, and The House of Chocolate. All of which gained the required 10k supporters to go through to the review stage, sadly resulting in not making it through.

His new submission follows along the same lines and is in the form of a sweet building scene that not only looks stunning but tells a story from his youth, visiting family in the countryside.

Having always been a city boy, these visits revealed a new and unknown world to me: Where does milk come from? How is cheese made? How is honey extracted from hives? – LepraLEGO

The building itself looks great and I love how he creates all the different corners and angles, it’s so refreshing to see this done with LEGO bricks and what they can do in general. As you can see the product idea has physically been built out of LEGO, this is always a bonus and shows that the whole thing is structurally sound and stable.

The roof design in particular is a joy to look at, with its sharp point but soft flowing tiles, adding gentle curves here and there really adds to the overall aesthetic. Hand picking the pastel colours not only for the roof & walls but also for the doors and other parts of the building we’re a good choice.

The whole project consists of 1,450 pieces which is quite a feat in itself to cram into a build of this size, also sourcing the parts for the physical build would be costly. But we’re so glad LepraLEGO went the extra mile to make it, it’s a beauty!

Two Minifigure characters are included, a male & female, that presumably run the Dairy themselves. They’re both very happy and look the part, dressed in work overalls and carrying the appropriate tools.

Taking a closer look at the smaller details we can see some beautifully designed stickers, including the many signs for the Village, Honey, Milk, and Egg shops. As always we hope for printed parts if/when the idea comes to fruition by LEGO, but one thing is for sure we hope they keep the designs LepraLEGO has produced.

There are a few side builds included such as a Well, Milk crate, and large storage silo. Even these are designed & built well and in keeping with the overall feel of the Village Dairy.

Please head over to the official LEGO Ideas page to take a better look at The Village Dairy by LepraLEGO, whilst you’re there click the all important Support button and help make this become a reality!

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