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Today’s LEGO Ideas Feature is a little different to other we have done in the past, as it focuses on showcasing a certain theme rather than just one project.

The subject I’ve gone for is Board Games, or product ideas that can actually be played. For example we have Monopoly, Chess and Hungry Hippos to name a few. Remember that if you like any of the projects below please hit their corresponding links to support them, this is the main reason we bring you these features, to show you want is possible and on offer to support.

Backgammon by jrcook394:

This classic board game, dating back to 17th century England, combines aspects of both skill and luck. The two opposing players aim to move their fifteen “checkers” to the end of the board first and avoid having any of them captured.


LEGO Monopoly by Looney LEGOs:

This is a set based off the popular game Monopoly. It took me so long to make all the custom pieces. I tried to make it as realistic as possible.


LUDO in LEGO by MrCreativity:

This set is a portable Ludo-Game or as we call it in germany “Mensch ärger dich nicht”. For me it is a childhood classic with such a nostalgic feeling and it also brought back so many good memories. And that is also why I wanted to renew the already existing Lego set with a more modern look and a little drawer. I hope this will bring a piece of past back to life and bring you some unforgettable moments with family and friends.


Rush-hour Puzzle Game by Bric.olé:

This classic tabletop puzzle game from the 70’s gets a LEGO makeover!
Immerse yourself in the cute aesthetic of the molded plastic cars of the original by building them out of bricks. Then, set up the puzzle and slide the colorful cars out of the way so the red car can escape the traffic jam!


Triple Decker Six Flippers Pinball by Nachapon Lego Pinball:

This pinball machine has the most realistic and exciting gameplay that lets you feel like you are playing the real thing and will actually improve your real pinball skills. This is an evolutionary method that will change the way people build Lego pinball machines forever.


Classic Space Chess Set by Legofan93446:

This is my Lego classic space themed chess set! This set is approximately 1000 pieces and comes with all of the normal chess pieces, but adapted to a more space classic theme. The King, Queen, and Bishops are spaceships with the appropriate tops where as the horses are spaceship wings and the rooks are satellite dishes. I came up with this idea when I was designing a traditional chess set and my dad game me the idea to make a Lego classic space themed model. Speaking of my traditional chess set, it is listed on my profile and it would be fantastic to have your support on it as well!


Hungry Hungry Hippos by TheBrickKingz:

This LEGO Ideas project I have created is based off of the classic game Hungry Hungry Hippos, created in 1978. I have so many fond memories playing this game as a child, but I am still a child at heart and seeing this project become a LEGO set would be absolutely amazing.


Classic Chessboard by Amestana:

The project is that of a “classic chessboard”, taking its cue from the wooden pieces that almost everyone has seen and touched at least once in their life, respecting the proportions between the pieces and trying to create some simple and hopefully pleasant details.


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the above product ideas submitted by very talented people. Again if you would like to see any of these made into real LEGO sets click the appropriate link(s) and support them.

If you have an idea you would like us to feature please do get in touch either via the website or our social media channels.

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