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Another week has past which mean we get to share another great LEGO Ideas Feature with you. This product idea jumped out at me as I’ve been personally considering making a small LEGO Street that will fit in a very restricted space on my table. When I saw this entry in I knew I had to support it and share it what you!

Introducing Notting Hill By LepraLEGO.

The creator, LepraLEGO, may sound familiar to you and rightly so, they have created a lot of brilliant models with one in particular making it through to the third 2021 LEGO Ideas Review Stage, unfortunately it didn’t get chosen. 

Their latest submission features a row of brightly coloured building and a series of shop fronts, including a Bookshop, Camera shop, and Antiques shop. Along the front there are also a few small market stands which sell an array of goods.

The row of buildings are pretty much identical with their ornate white window surrounds and roof detailing, keeping them unified makes the whole set feel complete, if you were to remove the street Market you’ll still be left with a highly desirable build and scene

That’s not all this idea has to offer, flip it around and you’ll find  complete living and shop areas, bustling with details and interesting features.

The Bookshop and Antiques shop both have lights, I’m assuming that if/when LEGO produce this set they’d hopefully keep this feature and implement a light brick or two.

I love how each room has a different personality and brings different settings to the set, along the top floor there is an apartment that seemingly runs the entirety of that floor. Usually is open backed arts we have very limited space and a room or two is missed, not here, as the bedroom, living room, wash room, kitchen, and even a staircase to connect the floors, what else could you ask for?!

I was drawn to this product idea for its bright colours, slim buildings, quaint setting and the essence of village/town life, i bet everyone’s friendly and say ‘Good Morning‘ to each other.

When I plan my small LEGO Street I’ll certainly take inspiration from this build, utilising the shallow build technique, open back, and simple beauty it portrays.

We would like to wish LepraLEGO the best of luck in gaining the required 10k supporters in order to get this product idea into a review stage and onto becoming a real LEGO set!

Please use the links below to support this fabulous idea, also why not give them a follow of social media and be kept up-to-date on all their ideas.

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