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This week’s LEGO Ideas Feature combines two subjects that I think really works together, Modulars and Trams (Trains). With the recent release of the LEGO Winter Village Collection Holiday Main Street (10308) set, which comes bundled with a Team, and the rumoured details surrounding the next LEGO Modular coming 1st January 2023 (Pizzeria & Jazz Club), AmyOak‘s latest LEGO Ideas submission makes total sense and is something I’d buy in a heartbeat!

Modular Tram Station and Coffee Shop By AmyOak is now on LEGO Ideas and waiting for your support.

As you can see from the image above the product idea features a Coffee Shop and a small Tram Station and Tram. What really grabs me is the archway where the Tram passes through, it runs directly through the set and looks stunning. The brick architecture is nice with the use of hinge pieces, the colour scheme is also eye pleasing with the contrasting yet complimenting oranges and blues.

Being a standard ‘front-on’ Modular, as apposed to a corner building, really helps and allows for the Tram tunnel to run in a straight line. It would look spectacular in a row of Modulars as it brings some different to the world of LEGO buildings.

The Tram itself is also well designed and seems similar in style to an American Vintage Trolley. Thanks to the latest LEGO Winter Village Collection set I am now a fan of Trams, well brick-built ones anyway.

At the time of writing this feature AmyOak is in the process of uploading more photos to the LEGO Ideas platform, once these have been added I’ll update this page.

Thos would make a great addition to the LEGO family and one I’d definitely pick up if produced.

We would like to wish AmyOak the best of luck in gaining the required 10k supporters to get this through to the next stage. If you like this product idea please use the link below to support it!

Official LEGO Ideas page:


More images:

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