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When I was younger I was a big fan of astronomy and loved looking up at the night sky, naming some of the constellations I knew and watch shooting stars fly through the sky.

Today’s LEGO Ideas Feature captures that in a small vignette accompanied with a map of the most common constellations. Introducing Co_LEGO‘s Map of the Constellations!

This product idea is very reminiscent of the current LEGO Art sets that are on shelves now but with a very cool twist Space twist. Each connecting dot is joined to another to represent the Constellations that most of us know the names, we’ll at one for sure, Orion.

The way Co_LEGO has designed this set is stunning and it most certainly looks the part, I’d hang this or pop it on a shelf in my display. The colour scheme used it easy on the eyes too, with a dark blue background, dark nougat frame complete with gold trim!

It also comes with a smaller side build, it depicts a Father & Son taking in the night sky and the stars, they look like they’re enjoying every second of it.

The small vignette is well designed and looks great with its ran walls with orange accents, white balcony fence and foliage. What I particularly like about this setup is the Telescope the child is looking through and the presumably book of Constellations the Father is reading, helping to point out the many rangments in the sky.

This set is a map of the constellations, accompanied by a small set representing a child and his father looking at the fabulous stars that surround us.

The Son even has a miniature version of the Map of the Constellations, a very cool addition to the product idea.

Overall the idea is great and excited well, if/when LEGO produce it I don’t think they’d need to change much, Co_LEGO has done a wonderful job with an original idea, it’s great to see something that doesn’t need an IP.

We wish Co_LEGO the best of lick in gaining the 10k supporters they need to get this through to the next review stage. Please click the links below to do your part!

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