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Our LEGO Ideas Feature is back for Christmas, and we have found one in particular that really stands out to us. It’s self contained, snowy, sweet, and would snuggle into a LEGO Winter Village effortlessly.

The Magical Village Over The Bridge by LepraLEGO!

At the time of writing this article LepraLEGO has acquired 1,452 supporters with 602 days remaining, I would say at this rate they’ll get the required 10k votes before the deadline runs out very easily, well here’s hoping anyway as I personally would love to have this in my collection.

The product idea is self contained and sits nicely on a brick-built base, using the increasingly popular SNOT (studs not on top) techniques. On top of that is a quaint cobblestone bridge that runs along its entirety with small Elf houses and their shops to pop into on the way.

LepraLEGO exlains how he got the idea for this set and I must say its very interesting and one you can read in full on his official LEGO Ideas page:

Last month I had a dream in which I was walking across an endless stoney bridge. On this bridge, there were abandoned houses that I was leaving behind without worrying about what might be inside…

I like how they turned what was seemingly a nightmare dream into something so cutesy and Christmassy!

The way the bridge itself is constructed is very well done and looks incredibly sturdy, enough for even Santa himself to stroll along as he certainly needs supplies for his Reindeer especially after working hard of Christmas Eve.

I think the real reason Santa visits this Magical place is it’s home to the North Poles greatest Elf barber. From the looks of him in the photo above he could do with a haircut too. How cool would it be if LEGO were to produce this product idea and include both long and short hair pieces and matching beards, come on LEGO, you need to make this!

Also found in the row of shops is a ‘Candies and Sweets‘ shop, which I would presume is home to the finest treats anyone has ever tasted, or I’d certainly hope so.

The way LepraLEGO has built these tiny buildings is amazing and they pack in a lot of details, including printed pieces, the shop signs especially look great.

This set consists of approximately 2,100 pieces and includes 3 minifigures. Some printed parts / stickers are suggested.

Being just over 2000 pieces the set looks to contain a lot of smaller elements, particularly the 1×2 rounded plates that make the gorgeous curved walls you can see in the images. This technique isn’t necessary new but it’s yet to be in an official set, so fingers crossed when LEGO make this one they keep that feature.

Spin the set around and you can see the open back and both the interiors of the shops. I love how Santa is laid back and having hos beard trimmed.

I can imagine a lot of fans grabbing two of these to make an eniltire bridge, and making the whole thing closed and complete. Again it’ll fit into most Winter Villages extremely easily and would be a welcomed addition to LEGO’s Christmas range.

We wish LepraLEGO the best of luck on their journey to 10k supporters and we hope to this on shelves in the future. Thank you.

Please head over to the official LEGO Ideas page and give this product idea a well deserved like and show your support by hitting that all important button. Signing up and supporting projects is easy, so do it now!

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