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With Christmas fast approaching we thought it would be great to add to the festive spirit and share with you an incredible LEGO Ideas submission in the form of a Christmas Theatre By Tom79lego!

The build looks great as a display piece but there is so much more to it than that. You can slide out the current scene and change it for another, this would also be great for MOCs and create a show all by yourself.

Welcome to the theater. Where everything is fake but nothing is fake – Gigi Proietti

The Theatre build itself looks spectacular with its mostly white exterior and gold flourishes to high key architecture points. The stage is also set and look great especially in the brown wood colours, it really does look like a traditional stage.

Surrounding the Theatre are 3 snowy trees that really look the part. I personally struggle with building ‘realistic’ trees so having this as inspiration it great.

There is a small side-Build included which allows attendees to grab a snack before and during the show. They have a range of treats from fries, cookies, donuts and pretzels.

Each of the scenes, that can be switched out, tell a different story, in the first scene viewers can attend a ballet in costume with the main dancers who really dance. The second scene viewers can admire a classic concert intent on making us listen to the typical songs of the period.

I think it’s a nice way to introduce this theatrical world to young and old people.

Overall the idea is great and looks very Christmassy, we hope it comes to fruition so we can all enjoy it over the festive periods to come. Please head over to the official LEGO Ideas website and support this product idea!

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