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Since its launch last Year (2019), LEGO Hidden Side has been a big hit, we’ve seen numerous sets, with more on the way. There have been two ‘gift with purchase’ promotions (Newbury’s Juice Bar 40336 and Drag Racer 40408), magazines with foil bag freebies, and we can now add Polybags to that list.

There are two Hidden Side Polybags released and today we’ll be reviewing El Fuego’s Stunt Cannon (30464)!

Polybag front

The main build is a Canon, with a play feature, you can actually launch El Fuego (we presume) into the air!

The base of the Canon is mounted on wheels for easy movement, it’s also hinged to alter the trajectory.

Bits and pieces

The play feature I mentioned above is a basic push/flick system, give the green end a flick and out shoots El Fuego. This may have been better if LEGO provided a spring loaded piece or a pull & release mechanism instead.

Final build

The Minifigure included in this Polybag is a generic Skelton, with black boots.

The Helmet is printed with a target & flame emblem.

Light the fuse!

Ready to fire!

Separated sections

Overall this 45 piece polybag is a fun but basic build, easy enough for even the youngest of LEGO fans. Getting the Skelton to sit correctly in the Canon can be a bit fiddly but you’ll soon find a way that works.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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