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When LEGO release a Brand Store set, which seems to be every year, I need to grab one and see what they’ve added & changed since its last incarnation. The latest LEGO Brand Store (40574) set came out 1st August, along with a bunch of other cool sets, and couldn’t wait to build it.

I built this live on our Instagram channel (@thebrickpost), which is always a lot of fun, please head over to it and give us a follow, you’ll be notified whenever we go live and post LEGO news & reviews.

The Box & Contents:

As usual the box art for these types of sets is great and really captures the atmosphere of a LEGO and the surrounding area, although in cartoon format we get the picture its in a nice setting.

Inside you’ll find four numbered bags, a substantial amount of stickers and an instruction manual, which again comes in the no frills style LEGO have recently introduced.

The Build:

Starting off with the base and ground floor, we build up the walls in true LEGO style and colours, White and Yellow, with a hint of beige (tan) for the corner pillars.

As the picture on the box shows the set can indeed fold out to let us Humans gain access to the interior and play or setup photos. Inside the store you’ll find lots of display models, store features and cool little details, all in Minifigure scale of course!

I particularly like these types of sets & builds as they encapsulate the LEGO brand and allows you to have an official slice of LEGO merchandise al to yourself. They will also slot nicely into a Cityscape or Modular display. They also open up the possibilities of user created buildings and gives free reign to expand upon the model, as this particular set does seem unfinished, we have come to terms with the open backed designs LEGO dishes out so it isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Buying a second set would allow you complete the building as a whole whilst adding a third floor and a roof.

Inside you’ll find all your favourite LEGO Store activities including a fully stocked Pick A Brick wall, as well as a Build A Minifigure station and Minifigure Factory. I love the way they have done the Pick A Brick wall, it hasn’t changed much over the Years which is what I like about it.

Tiling both the ground and first floors is nice too, gives it a more polished look and that of a premium product, which it is!

The Minifigures:

The Minifigures are great and a welcomed addition to the set, although they are exclusive the parts have been used many times before, I must have a good handful of the Soundbar torsos in my spares already. The Coral coloured trousers are a nice addition too as you don’t tend to see that colour often.

You get a Female figure and a Young Male figure included in the set, unfortunately there isn’t a store assistant this time around.

This isn’t much to say about these two characters apart from they’re very happy to be shopping at the LEGO Store!

Overall the set and Minifigures are great and I’d recommend them to any and every LEGO fan. The fact that we can own a self branded set is genius and a tradition I hope they continue for many years!

Thabk you for reading this review, we really appreciate your time and support. Of you would like to contribute your own reviews please click here for more information, we are always looking for new content writers.


LEGO Brand Store (40574)



The Box 8.7
The Build 9.4
The Minifigures 8.1
The Cost (£30.99) 8.9
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