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Are you ready for this Years LEGO Black Friday promotions that start tomorrow, 25th November!

Thankfully most of the LEGO VIP Weekend goodies will return, including the LEGO Winter Elves Scene (40564) and LEGO House Tribute (40563). These join the recently revealed LEGO Eiffel’s Apartment (40579) GWP set, which will be free with purchases on the LEGO ICONS Eiffel Tower (10307) set itself that goes on sale on Black Friday.

Other VIP goodies will also be launching including another Bricktober Ride sets, this time the theme is Pirates. If you’re into LEGO themed apparel you’ll love the VIP drawstring bag that will also be on offer.

See below for a handy round-up of what’s available during the LEGO Black Friday event that starts 25th November 2022!

LEGO Eiffel’s Apartment (40579):

  • November 25th to 28th
  • Free with the LEGO ICONS Eiffel Tower (10307)

LEGO Winter Elves Scene (40564):

  • November 25th to 28th
  • Spend requirement £170/$170/170€

LEGO Tribute to LEGO House (40563):

  • November 25th to 28th
  • Spend requirement £250/$250/250€

LEGO Drawstring Bag:

  • November 28th only
  • Spend requirement £200/$200/200€

LEGO Bricktober Ride Pirate:

  • VIP Rewards Centre from November 25th
  • 2400 points

LEGO Eiffel Tower Postcards:

  • VIP Rewards Centre
  • TBC

LEGO Keyring:

  • VIP Rewards Centre
  • TBC

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