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Halloween is a couple of weeks away but here at The Brick Post it has come early. We have been sent the latest batch of custom LEGO Minifigures by the wonderful team at, to review and give you a closer look at what makes them so special!

The characters are inspired by  Halloween and Horror in general and span many decades of cinema history, from the very first Halloween movie released in 1978, The Shining in 1980, to The Mummy which dropped in 1999. They cover a wide variety of genres and are considering modern classics, Halloween is still going with a new film in theaters now, although this outing is considered to be the last in the franchise.

Jump to a specific Minifigure: have captured the characters likenesses from the movies above incredibly well, from the facial expressions and accessories to the full body printing, you can count on to get it right and at a very high standard. If you would like to own any of these figures please use any of the links dotted throughout the article, they automatically add a 10% discount to your basket, get in!

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First on the list is Michael Myers, the man in the plain white creepy mask that stalks & hunts his victims until they end up in a wardrobe. 

The head is perfect and captures the lifeless essence behind the mask well, with the pitch black eye holes and mouth. There is a lack of expression on the face which matches the onscreen counterpart, it really does look creepy.

On the torso you’ll see a few crease lines and pocket details and that is about it, which isn’t a bad thing, it matches what Michael Myers wears in the movie, an overall. This is probably the only instance where less is definitely more when it comes to design. The knife is a great addition to the Minifigure and will be used in future MOCs (my own creations).

The Mummy:

On to one of my all time favourites, The Mummy!

Introducing the hero of the movie series Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser). As you can see from the image above the character design is spot-on to that of the movies, kitted out with his gun vest/holsters, white linen shirt, and explorer trousers.

When it comes to the face and hair they are also a great design choice, with his wavey hair and serious expression. It would have been nice to include perhaps an angry or happy expression on the reverse, giving you more choice when taking photos and popping the character in a MOC.

As always have gone above & beyong with the printing, including continuing the holster straps under the arms on both sides, even the trousers and boots completely surround the legs and feet!

He comes with his trusty pistol which I’ve seen many times before from classic LEGO Cowboy sets. I think this is the perfect accessory companion piece and wouldn’t have anything else.

Imhotep is ‘The Mummy’ and rightly so, he is as despicable as he looks, but the custom Minifigure is far from the onscreen counterpart and it done really well, complete with gold trim robes and a special printed tile!

Starting with the head print, it features a half-finished face just like in the movie, when he trying to make himself complete. The design and printing is once again outstanding and the design team have done a superb job.

Continuing onto the torso and legs you’ll see a very elegant black robe with gold trim, which carries onto the legs nicely and lines up well. The is one slightly down point to printing lighter colours onto plain black LEGO parts, getting the flesh tone correct and matching the head and hands, despite this the team have overcome this issue quite well and pulled it out the bag.

Included with this character is a custom tile, the book of Amun Ra (Book of the Dead). It’s so nice to get these extras and really shows they have done their research, I particularly like this Minifigure more with the inclusion of the tile.

The Shining:

Jack Nicholson is one of the most iconic actors of the 20th Century, he has been recreated in custom LEGO Minifigure form perfectly here by

You get instantly drawn to the face as it has the Nicholson eyebrows down to a tee, one slightly higher than the other and in a somewhat menacing position. The added stubble and facial lines only add to the already terrifying expression on his face.

The clothes are spot on too with the red jacket, plaid shirt and strangely neat jeans, he even comes with an axe, for recreating that iconic ‘Here’s Johnny‘ scene. The whole character comes together extremely well and one I’m glad to have in my growing collection of customs.

The Twins, these two have always given me the creeps, because of that iconic hallway scene, riding their identical red trikes.

I’ll be honest and say that when I first saw the images of these two online I wasn’t 100% sold, something didn’t look quite right. Having them now in hand I can say that I was wrong, they are great. Again they come with full body printing, including on the shorter LEGO posable legs!

As you can see from the image above the printing covers both Minifigures entirely, even under the arms. The amount of detail the design team have added is incredible, the shadows in the pleets, the creases where the ribbon & bow has been tied, down to the dark shadow around the eyes, they’ve thought of everything.

There you have it, the newest additions to the family, Halloween, The Mummy and The Shining, which one(s) are your favourites and will you be adding any to your collect? Don’t forget to use our affiliate links dotted around the article, you’ll bag yourself 10% off your order, the great thing is you can reuse the discount.

They do so much more than their names implies, they have a whole store full of custom printed tiles, accessories, and addons for whatever you’re creating MOC-wise. Take a look and see what grabs your fancy. Please do let us know what you get, via the comments section below or simply tag us on social media – Instagram & Facebook. Thank you for reading this article, we really appreciate your time and support, clicking the links may earn us a small commission which helps to bring you more LEGO related news and reviews.

Click here to purchase and get 10% off your order!

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