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A couple of years ago LEGO partnered with Unbound to create a new book, fan chose the subject and the book was crowdfunded shortly after.

A very special and unique piece was listed as one of the pledge stages, here is the first official look at that piece, a 3D printed LEGO Pogo Stick, which can be held by a Minifigure!


A total of 500 elements have been created and the entire thing is 3D printed, just like the recent LEGO Duck piece, including the spring that actually functions. 

Take a look below at the prototype and let us know in the comments what you think of it!

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  2. Is there anyway to buy these pieces?

    1. Possibly, on the secondary market, for thousands 😩

    2. Someone will likely reverse engineer it and release the STLs sometime in the near future. If you have access to a higher res printer, like SLA/resin, then it’d be pretty easy to print your own.

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