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Thanks to the instructions portal two new sets have been listed and revealed!

The first will excite LEGO Train fans as we get our first official glimpse of a new LEGO City Freight Train (60336). The set is another Freight Train, following on from sets in a similar vein from 2003 and 2010). It looks as though it will include a freight engine, three freight carriages, a car transporter, a loading vehicle, and six minifigures.

The second set to be revealed is LEGO Friends Andrea’s Theatre School (41714). It offers up a rather elegant looking theatre with a small stage area, along with a handful of props & accessories and four Mini-dolls.

I don’t know about you but to me I’m getting serious The Muppets vibes from this set, perhaps a display option for the upcoming CMF Series?

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  1. This new cargo train set, a MUST have! Having a Reach Stacker included, instead of the common forklift, shows that this set is modern with a twist of European and United States. Price point seems very reasonable!

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