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With the new year fully underway we can start to look ahead at occasions and relate them back to LEGO, especially when you take custom pieces into account. The team at have a great selection of Valentines Day gifts that will get any LEGO fan excited.

Be it a custom printed message on a Brick to your loved one, a jigsaw-style collection of tiles that make up a heart, or a full on representation of your Valentines in LEGO Minifigure form, has you covered. Below are a handful of the wonderful gifts they have to offer.

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Starting off small but still cool, there are some accessories you can pickup that subtly portray your heartfelt message, such as these takeaway cups with Best Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Husband/Wife.

If you want to take it a little further and dress your Minifigure in a, some might call embarrassing, jumper with a love graphic or message, then there are a handful of torsos to choose from. My personal favourite is the ‘Made for each other‘ design, perfect for LEGO couples.

There are bricks and tiles available too with similar designs to the torsos above. The tiles represent Valentines Day cards which is great for popping in MOC (my own creation) photos for social media.

The 2×4 bricks make for awesome display stands as well as building with. Try popping your Minifigure on and seeing how it looks.

Looking for something a bitore extravagant? offer larger custom printed elements and gifts in the form of a Valentines Day Puzzle, consisting of multiple tiles that make up an image once built.

The other is again another display idea but this time covers a larger area and combined with your loved ones Minifigure would really be an awesome gift, you can also customise it with both your names, how cool is that?!

For perhaps the ultimate gift though, or the one I’d most like to receive personally, is a fully custom Sigfig (signature figure). Using their ‘Create A Minifig‘ you have access to the entire catalogue of goodies, from accessories and hair pieces to display stands and key chains.

Again you can even personalise it with your Valentines name or other graphics,you need to experience it for yourself as the system has had a juicy update recently produces something truly unique and lasting!

We really that this short but insightful article gives you an idea of what is available for the LEGO lover in your life. We only scratched the surface of what have to offer so why not head voer to their website and take a look for yourself. 

Don’t forget that all links on this page point to them and automatically adds a 10% discount to your basket. If for some reason the links don’t work please feel free to use our code: TheBrickPost-0921

Thank you and happy LEGO Valentines gift hunting!

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