UPDATE: This new modular has now be revealed, click here to see the new LEGO Police Station modular!

A new LEGO Modular is being revealed as part of this Year’s Black Friday event.


The reveal will be broadcast via YouTube on the official LEGO Channel on Friday 27th November at 3pm (GMT) You can set a handy reminder to be one of the first to watch it as it goes live!

Unfortunately some poor soul let slip what the mystery modular will be by adding a hashtag in the description. The hash tag simply say LEGO Police Station. Thank you to whoever you are, we appreciate it!

Image courtesy of Brickfinder.

Once it has been fully revealed we’ll keep you updated here at The Brick Post, with the official images and derails surrounding this new, long awaited, modular addition.

The last emergency service to feature as a LEGO Modular was a Fire Station/Brigade back in 2009!

Check out the teaser video below:

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