Our next LEGO Ideas Feature comes from a good friend and a The Brick Post regular, he’s even appeared on an episode of our Podcast, it is of course Aaron from CabbageFaceLego!

We recently featured another one of his many projects he has on the go, the Mallard train, which is doing really well on LEGO Ideas itself.

This time round we have gone back to the classic Castle/Knights theme with a very practical Pencil Pot. Perfect for offices and home offices alike!

Dragon Castle Pencil Pot

Are you tired of that boring pencil pot on your desk? Introducing the Dragon Castle Pencil Pot!

Aaron has captured the essence of the classic theme right the way down to the Knights of old torsos, which bring back some nice memories.

It wouldn’t be a Castle if there wasn’t a Skeleton present and this one is keeping guard at the main gate, ready to attack with his trusty crossbow.

I doubt you’d get very far as there is also a Dragon peering through the Castle ruins, being riden by the Castles in house Wizard.

Wizard and his Dragon

The inclusion of the cart side build with the chest and mounted sword is great and adds some playability to a mostly static and practical set.

Who goes there?!

Aaron’s work is always top notch and it’s fun to see what he comes up with next. I particularly like this Castle Pencil Pot idea as it harks back to the old days of Knights & Castles and would be a great addition to anyone’s desk. The way he’s keep the size down but packed in a lots of features is nice and the end result looks fab!

Aaron has also sourced the parts to build his Stud.io construction in real life, it looks amazing I must say and would love to give this ago.

Aaron’s creation in real life!

Saying that, I was recently gifted a set of the instructions to see if I could build and test run his work. I will most certainly share the creation once it’s done, although some pieces maybe substituted, sorry Aaron!

I really hope this grabs the attention of LEGO and persuades them into reviving the fan favourite theme from yesteryear!

Good luck Aaron! 

Please use the links below to support Aaron’s creations and follow him on Instagram, he even has a ReBrickable account!

LEGO Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/32170b4d-4ef5-4a2e-a032-6557c41d9651

Instagram: https://instagram.com/cabbagefacelego?igshid=u6uvv24qz7n7

ReBrickable: https://rebrickable.com/users/Cabbageface/mocs/

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    1. My pleasure, and thank you 🤗

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